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Message to the Blackman  By Elijah Muhammad pdf

Message to the Blackman By Elijah Muhammad pdf

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This book helps a beginner in Islam and the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, get a clear understanding of what exactly the religion is, and believes in. It provides many references to dispel many incorrect beliefs in the Western world....According to countless mainstream news organs, Elijah Muhammad, by far, was the most powerful black man in America. Known more for the students he produced, like Malcolm X, Louis Farrakhan and Muhammad Ali, this controversial man exposed the black man as well as the world to a teaching, till now, was only used behind closed doors of high degree Masons and Shriners. An easy and smart read. The book approaches the question of what and who is God. It compares the concept held by religions to nature and mathematics. It also explores the origin of the original man, mankind, devil, heaven and hell. Its title, Message To The Blackman, is directed to the American Blacks specifically, but addresses blacks universally as well.