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Eminence's Organic  Navy Bean Protein  Shakes & Smoothie Recipes

Eminence's Organic Navy Bean Protein Shakes & Smoothie Recipes

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Elevate your shakes and smoothies with Eminence's Organic Navy Bean Protein Shakes & Smoothie Recipes. This collection of delicious recipes delivers essential nutrients to help you reach your health goals while providing a plant-based protein boost. All recipes are organic and made with nature's best ingredients.  Use these delicious recipes to combine navy beans with your favorite fruits, seeds, butters, and spices for a healthy, refreshing treat. Perfect if you like using the navy bean in breakfast, a snack, as a meal replacements & as a dessert  because there are recipe for all of those categories. 

"Eminence's Organic  Navy Bean Protein Shakes & Smoothie Recipes"  offers a collection of 32 mouthwatering and nourishing Navy Bean Smoothies, Milk Shakes  and Protein Shakes, especially crafted to cater to your health conscious lifestyle, free from sugar, sweet potatoes,  coconut, soy, and nuts. Super easy to follow instructions and simple ingredient lists, "Eminence's Navy Bean Shakes & Smoothie Recipes"  is a book you can allow your children to use and prepare the recipes for generations to come. These delicious concoctions are easy  for anyone, regardless of their culinary expertise.