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Eminence Chakra Balance 101 Course

Eminence Chakra Balance 101 Course

Eminence Healing Energies
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Discover a powerful tool for physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing with the Eminence Chakra Balance 101 Course. This comprehensive self-paced course takes a modern approach to ancient science, allowing you to learn and develop powerful practices that harness the power of the seven chakras. Unlock your potential and learn the skills you need to master your inner and outer balance for a more balanced, fulfilling life.

Take this Eminence Chakra Balancing Course today and have the knowledge to balance your own chakras and help others to  balance their chakras as well under your instruction. You will learn techniques and strategies that will get you the results you desire. Energy clearing and blockage removal are all a click away! 

This course will be held over a course of 4 weeks and will require you to commit to completing the lessons and doing ALL of  the homework that will be submitted and graded by your instructor who will be streaming live with you throughout the week during the entire duration of the course. Local participants will have weekly sessions with instructor to go over lessons and assignments.

Our Commitment to You
During the duration of this course and up to 30 days of receiving your Certificate of completion, you will have access to your instructor to ask any questions or to get clarity on any assignment you were stuck on or may not have fully comprehended.

Get started today and learn how to balance your own chakras!